Yemeni Girl Video: 11-year-old runs away, appeals against child marriage #childnotbride

POSTED ON 27 Jul 2013

An 11 year old girl from Yemen, Nada al-Ahdal, has run away from home to escape being forced into early marriage. In the 3 minute video that has gone viral, the young girl appeals against child marriage and says she would rather die than get married.

“what have the children done wrong, why do you marry them off like that?” she asked. ” i would have had no life, no education. Don’t they have compassion?”

Nada’s video coming up at the same period when the Nigerian Senate decided to legalize child marriage is not mere coincidence. This represents the cry of the Nigerian girl child.

The internet has given voice to this young girl’s bravery. She speaks not only for herself, but for millions of young girls who are forced into slavery by silly old men who want to fornicate with them, steal their virtues and destroy their future.

Ignorant parents are not left out. How much is their children’s future worth? Reports reveal that Sen. Sani Ahmed Yerima bought his 13-year-old bride for $100,000

The UN has reported that 14 million girls under the age of 18 marry every year. That is approximately 27 every minute or one girl every two seconds.

Child marriages, mostly prevalent in developing countries like Nigeria, are as a result of gender inequality, poverty, negative traditional or religious practices, failure to enforce laws and crisis.

The child bride is usually left to face the consequences of violence, abuse, forced sexual relations, illiteracy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Help save the future,  help save the girl child. She must not be raped. She needs her self esteem, she needs her education.

Nigeria, arise.

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